McRobert’s Hartman Sale

It was overwelming!  250 llamas!  Most of which there were no pictures prior to the sale to view.   There was no specific order of the lots at the sale which made it challenging to find specific animals.  Prior to the sale,  Barb was very quick to answer any questions about the lots and send any pictures she had in her records.  She sent out birthing history as  most of the 2009 and 2010 crias were not registered.  I think most everyone at the sale went home with more llamas than they had plannned.  Most of my favorite suri males were out of Silver Lining  but since my llama partner Lisa Alayza and I co own  ” Peruvian QuickSilver” a full brother to that male, we did not bring home any of those boys.  We did bring home a 2 year old suri San Juan male.  Lisa and I bought 7 females , 3 of which are suri and the other 4 are tall stretchy girls.

Krista Lindsey

It did not take much for Krista to be addicted.  At first she wanted one llama but knew she had to have 2 so the first one would have a buddy.  Then she learned she needed a third so that when she took one out  of the pen the other would have a buddy and not try to go over the fence.  Krista wanted small so she purchased Flash and Happy.  She took them home only to bring them back to be bred.  Then Krista bought another girl but at this time size was not an issue and she bought Karlie.  Spring came around and unfortuately Happy was open. But Krista was out of town when she got the call from her husband , Flash had her baby.   And WOW  she is gorgous.  A red head, wonderful silky suri fiber.  Krista could hardly get home soon enough to see her new baby. What a doll!

Christian and Ellisia

Sonja had recently purchase several llamas.  She later had found Caru Ellisia on line and fell in love with her.  She did not contact me until almost a year after first seeing her.  She made the decision to purchase her as a bred female.  She came with her son to the Celebration Futurity show to pick up Ellisia.  Ellisia shared a stall with a couple of my other llamas and when Sonja tried to take her out of the stall, Elissia did not want to go forward.  But when her son attempted to lead her she willingly and excitedly went along side with him.  They continued to go out side to walk and run together .  They were a pair.  Elissia was shown as a juvenille in the halter class a couple of time.  But Sonja’s son,Christian thought he would enjoy showing her in performance.  Ellisia is 6 years old and never had any work with obstacles.  This team did very well at the show with neither of them having any prior experience in performance classes.  It was the Jelly Bean show.  If you complete the obstacle course you get jelly beans.  Christian has developed an exceptional relationship with his llama as he brought home the candy with Ellisia!

Rob Russell and Bobo

Many people ask  “What do you do with llamas?”  I reply, they are companion animals for pets, therapy animals, pack animals, guard animals, fiber animals, show animals and last but not least they can be trained to pull a cart.  Rob Russell from Missouri bought his first 2 llamas, a male and a female from Caru LLamas.  He was a novice and took upon himself to purchase a harness and cart from E-Bay.  His girl Bobo was a natural and without any prior experience he taught her to drive.  How impressive!  His family has developed an attachment of llamas and I will be looking forward to more pictures and hopefully some crias in the future.