Fiber plays an important role in our breeding program. Quality silky

and high luster fleeces are sold out of our show quality llamas to be

used for spinning and felting projects.  Raw wool or rovings can be

purchased from selected llamas that can be viewed on our web site.


Standard Double Coated

Silky Single Coated


When choosing a mixed color, a single color can be pulled out of the total fleece color.

Llama & Alpaca Raw Fiber
Name Of Llama Color Description Price
Sage Light Silver Standard $2.00 oz.
Chromium Light Silver Standard $2.00 oz.
Mercury Rising White Silver Suri, Lusterous $2.50 oz.
Marquise Red Brown Standard $2.00 oz.
Tess Peachy Red Standard $2.00 oz.
Forteleza Red Brown Standard $2.00 oz.
Splash Mostly White with a Red Silky, Lusterous $2.50 oz.
Tamara Mostly Light with Black Standard $2.00 oz.
Estarr Jet Black Silky, High Luster $2.50 oz.
Ellissia Jet Black Silky, High Luster $2.50 oz.
Ticca White Silky, Crimpy, Lusterous $2.50 oz.
Neon White with Apricot Suri, High Luster $2.50 oz.
Lonnie Gray Brown Silky $2.00 oz.
Heartland White Suri, High Luster $2.50 oz.
Nirvana White Suri, High Luster $2.50 oz.
Girl White with Red Suri, High Luster $2.50 oz.
Chatty Brown Suri $2.00 oz.
Enzo Brown Sillky $2.50 oz.
Brulle Medium Fawn Suri Alpaca $2.50 oz.
Bardo Medium Fawn Baby Suri Alpaca $2.50 oz.
Effany Taupe With Brown Crimpy Silky $2.50 oz.
Lilly Black Standard $2.00 oz.
General Light Grey Baby Fleece Silky $2.25 oz.
Allexio White with Carmel Red Silky $2.25 oz.
Sky Taupy Brown Baby Fleece Silky $2.25 oz.
Dreams White with Charcoal Grey Baby Fleece Silk, High Luster $2.50 oz.
Fiber can be purchased in 4oz roving balls for an additional 50
cents per oz.


Please e-mail Dayle or call 618-942-4771.
Leave a message with your
phone number to check availability of the fleece. Cost for shipping will be calculated based on zip code and weight. Shipping estimate will be given upon request. Purchases will be sent priority mail with delivery verification.

E-mail Dayle for your total order.

Make your check out for your total order to:

Caru Llama Connections
1628 E Clark Trail
Herrin IL. 62948

Your order will be shipped out immediately after your check has cleared through the bank.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.  If you are unsatisfied with any portion of the fleece you have ordered, you may return it for a refund.